Water treatment

Equipment for softening
We have a wide variety of softeners, both for domestic and industrial uses, adapted to the needs of each client and always with the highest quality.

A water softener is a piece of equipment that is installed at the entrance of the water to the home, and that substantially reduces the limescale that will reach the entire installation through a process that softens, filters and refines the water. In this way, from the first day we can notice the difference in:

Reverse Osmosis
Enjoy the highest quality mineral water at your home tap, saving and investing in health. We have a wide variety of reverse osmosis equipment for both domestic and industrial uses adapted to the needs of each client and always with the highest quality.

Reverse Osmosis eliminates up to 95% of impurities, solids, bacteria, etc., present in the water, which are separated and retained. This method makes it possible to have pure and fresh water, of extraordinary quality, for drinking, cooking and as water for fish tanks.

Its filter and membrane system manages to eliminate levels of metals and salts, such as lead and sodium, as well as nitrates, so harmful to health. In addition, it stops dissolved particles in the water and controls the chemicals that cause odors and tastes, such as chlorine. The system produces enough water for the daily needs of a family.

We offer water treatment service in Pedreguer and the Marina Alta.